6 Dancing the streets of NOLA

It was one of those pinch yourself moments. The brass band came marching in one end of the reception, paused to play a number and then we all followed it out into the humid night air. 

The police had cordoned off the streets and the blue lights flashed in time to the beat of the music. When the beat of the music is so enticing, your feet can't help but dance rather than walk, hips swaying, arms raised, smile beaming. The lights sparkled off the glitter of the masks we were wearing, and the multicolored strands of beads that were draped around our necks. Joy and exhilaration filled the night air and I couldn't help but wonder if I was dreaming the entire amazing experience. 

Our New York friends (and fabulous rooftop-sharing next door neighbours) were married in NOLA this weekend. We moved from the wedding venue to the after-party in the finest style imaginable. Wedding guests in their heels and dresses, suits and jackets, wearing the distinctive masks NOLA is so famous for, danced their way along the streets behind a brass band. Truly, the most memorable and joyful experience, reflecting the wonderful couple we were all there to celebrate.

From New York, with love xox

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8 Birthday weekend

Every year since we moved to New York, I've spent my birthday weekend in Chicago. Not on purpose, but just because that's the way it's worked out. Fortunately it's one of our favorite cities in America - set right on the shores of the massive Lake Michigan, slower,  more laid back than New York with great food and an outdoors focussed summer culture. While it felt more like an Australian winter than an American summer, we rugged up and spent one of our afternoons biking along the shores of the lake.

Delicious dinners, brunch with friends, lots of sleeping and some relax time at the day spa - for me, lovely husband C. headed to the gym instead (?!) - rounded out my birthday weekend for this year. 

I am pinching myself, wondering how another year has slipped by so fast… but we've crammed in a lot of fun, making the most of our time here in the US. I don't feel any older, but I do feel wiser, more fulfilled and happier in myself as each year goes by. 

From New York, with love xox 

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5 Holiday blues (and greens)

In my head, I'm still here. Sitting, peacefully pensive, thoughtfully creative and wonderfully free. The mornings were beautiful, full of sunshine, blue skies and water so clear you could see all the way to the bottom. By late afternoon, the afternoon storms would blow over, making it the perfect time to catch up on sleep while the rain drummed on the roof of our hut. 

The sunsets were something else. The sky would be clearing but cloudy, the water alternating silver and a muted gold. A spectacular end to a spectacularly relaxing day. 

'Here' is the Rockhouse Hotel in Negril, Jamaica. It's a place I want to go back to.  

From New York, with love xox

7 Magical

I can't help but type this with a small smile on my face and a feeling of calm and relaxation. One look at the photos and I'm back in Tulum (Mexico) in a heartbeat… I can hear the sound of the waves and the wind rustling the palm leaf roof of the hut we slept in. I can feel the breeze from the ocean playing softly over my skin, and remember how my mind wandered in a pleasant haze while I looked at the water, at lovely husband C., debated reading my book and then closed my eyes and drifted off instead.

I loved how I didn't need anything but my bathers for four days straight. Flip-flops were strictly optional as it was roughly twenty steps from our hut to the water over powder soft, perfectly white sand. When we wanted a change of scene, we'd move from the sun lounge to the hammock. When the sun started to set, we'd walk along the beach watching families play and dogs race along the sand.

It was a place of perfect, utter calm and relaxation. My favorite beach in the Northern Hemisphere... so far.

From New York, with love xox

5 To catch you up...

... We've been busy. very. We're currently spending a lot of time outside New York. My work is taking me to Florida every week and lovely husband C. has been busy flying all over. Every second weekend we take ourselves off to somewhere other than NYC, to explore, relax and unwind. 

First up, the Bahamas. It's only a thirty minute flight from Florida and it seemed easier to fly there than back to NYC for a cold weekend, where it seems spring never really made an appearance this year. 

A couple of weeks later, we flew to charming Charleston. It stole my heart. We had more than one conversation about moving here, over wine and delectably delicious cheeses.

New York is undeniably home (for now). I love the first view of her glittering skyscrapers each time I come home from the airport.

And then to Tulum. Paradise. Sun, sand, crystal clear water, the smell of coconut in my hair and salt on the breeze. Fresh fish for dinner at night, fresh juices in the morning. Beach walks at sunset and afternoon sleeps in the hammock.

I feel incredibly lucky that we're able to travel so much right now. It won't always be like this and we're soaking it up while we can, pinching ourselves each time we get to a new destination and making magical memories to last us a lifetime. 

From New York, with love xox 

ps. I have many, many photos to share, but not enough time to share them in. Instagram is currently my favourite thing and I'd love to see you there - @hopeinhighheels.

10 Brooklyn with besties

I love seeing the City through other people's eyes. Especially when those people are the gorgeous M. and her equally gorgeous husband A.  Back in Melbourne, we spent more nights than I can count with these two, drinking good wine, eating A's delicious food and laughing so hard our stomach muscles hurt the next morning. We flew back to Melbourne for their wedding mid last year, and they flew here to NYC to kick off their honeymoon...

... we spent a day in Brooklyn, wandering the streets, stopping for coffee and then for dessert, handbag shopping on our way to walk the Brooklyn Bridge, drinking cocktails in the evening and eating late into the night. They've moved on to Santorini now, but we've created some fun memories to get us through to the next time we see them.

From New York, with love xox

ps. fine... The "Love me" photo was in Soho... but we were walking home from the Brooklyn Bridge!

9 Two years

I feel like I've been in NYC forever and like I only arrived yesterday all at the same time. The City has a way of doing that to you - simultaneously making you feel like a seasoned New Yorker as you power walk down whatever street you're on, only to turn into a tourist as you stop and stare at the Flat Iron Building for about the 500th time. I feel like I could write a novel about what I love about The City, and how we're trying to take advantage of our time here - but better just to show you...

... our beloved West Village - it's all about charming cafes, beautiful buildings, lazy mornings at home, quirky doorways, Washington Square Park, spectacular sunrises and the distinctive shape of water tanks on every rooftop. I loved watching the leaves change in the fall/autumn and seeing the vibrant pops of colour on the street as I wait for blossoms to burst into flower this spring.

oh... New York. Don't these photos make your heart beat a little faster? The Chrysler building is the prettiest sky scraper around, the Flat Iron the most interesting, the Brooklyn Bridge is a marvel of engineering and the Empire State is the most iconic of them all - I love looking out at it from my West Village window - in case I ever forget, it's a reminder that I'm living in the most incredible city in the world.

... it was a year of wonderful celebrations - my gorgeous sister got engaged, we went to a beautiful wedding in New York, a best friend's wedding in Melbourne, birthdays in high places (like at the top of the Hancock Tower in Chicago), Independence Day on our rooftop, our first Christmas in the city and balmy summer nights as an excuse for (more) champagne.

... and travel. We saw some amazing places in (and out of) the US.  I never get tired of seeing Manhattan from the plane, I'd like to move to San Fran, we explored Costa Rica, spent time in Chicago, visted Niagara Falls, New Orlearns (and here), Toronto and went riding in California.

... and lastly - the beaches. We saw some spectacular ones in the Bahamas, CaliPerth, Gold Coast, Montauk and Miami to name a few.

In a word - amazing. Thank you for sharing our fun times with us, here and on Instagram @hopeinhighheels. It's been wonderful sharing your lives all over the world too!

From New York, with (lots of) love xox