10 Engaging Stories

One of my most fabulous friends – M. from Melbourne – just got engaged. Her gorgeous husband-to-be took her out to dinner where they'd had their first date and at the end of the evening popped the question. I screamed when I heard the news, then did a little dance on the spot at the department store I was in while lovely husband C. pretended not to know me. M. and A. are perfect together. They 'fit' each other so naturally and beautifully that it feels impossible that they were ever apart and right that they never will be again. I can't wait to cry at their wedding (…I get a little emotional) and laugh and dance at their reception next year.

Getting engaged is wonderful. It's so hard to adequately capture in words all the emotions tied up in that one incredible moment. When lovely husband C. asked me to marry him (in Polish, which he doesn't speak … he went through some intense coaching with my Dad), I smiled for a millisecond, said yes in the next heart beat and then sobbed for 15 minutes straight, amazed that this wonderful man wanted to spend the rest of his life with me...  

- Our engagement and wedding rings -
Photos by the lovely and exceptionally talented Angela Higgins
Rings designed and made by the fantastic Simon West
… And that he wanted to do so even after we'd travelled around Europe for a couple of months. We got engaged on a rooftop in Vernazza in the Cinque Terre in Italy. Think pastel coloured buildings, steep cobble-stoned streets, the last rays of sunshine glittering off an aquamarine ocean as the sun set, the sound of waves drifting to you in snatches on the breeze and the crisp taste of local wine in your mouth chasing down a slice of the most perfect margherita pizza. It was incredible.

Our two year wedding anniversary is coming up in the next few days so I'm likely to continue reminiscing … in the meantime, what's your love story? I'd love to hear it if you'd like to share!

From Perth, with love xox


prettylittlepinkthings said...

This is such a beautiful entry! It really moved me. Or maybe I've just been single too long. :) Congrats to your friends

Mary said...

Congratulations on upcoming anniversary!
Touching story...and photos!


Maria said...

Awww, this is so lovely! My husband proposed to me in our little flat in London. He turned our tiny little place into an amazing treasure hunt which led me into the bedroom, where I found him down on one knee surrounded by roses. I fell in love with him all over again!

I love the detail on your dress by the way!

Maria xx

Eve.H said...

First of thank you very much for lovely comment. My dad´s getting better and he´s going to be released from the hospital tomorrow. Congratulations on your up coming anniversary. I believe it´s wonderful when someone tells you he loves you and wants to spend the rest of his life with you. The magic of the moment must be just epic. I´ve been with my boyfriend for six years next week. He´s great but there are sometimes issues we have to overcome. I hope you and you´re family are all good. :) xoxo Eve.h

lapetiteblonde said...

ohh so nice dear!!
kisses pretty=)

Heather said...

Your description of that moment in time in Italy is captivating! My love story? Nearly two years ago I met the man who changed my heart who makes me want to be a better person. He was a client where I worked so the moment I quit I approached him (as it was no longer unethical) & the rest is history.

Isn't it funny how it can feel like so long ago but yet still like it's only been a blink?

Sam said...

Hi dear, thanks for responding. It makes sense what you said about living in NYC just for a shirt time. Congratulations to your friend! Your proposal story is beautiful, and he asked in Polish - that is extra special. Is that your home language? Your ring is stunning! Thanks for sharing something so sentimental

Sam said...

Hi sweety
Just wanted to wish you a very Merry Christmas!
May it be a blessed one filled with peace & prosperity.

Love Sushi and Fashion said...

Beautiful story! Congratulations. Happy Christmas and New Year! Kisses! <3<3

Eliza Jane said...

What a beautiful story! I wish I had a love story to relate. In stead, I sometimes blog about the trials and tribulations of the single life.

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