18 A royal park

Kings Park is one of my favourite places to go in Perth. It's perched high on a hill and has a wonderful view of the city, the Darling Ranges and the Swan river. Its jewel green lawns are perfect for a spending the day lying on a rug under a shady tree reading books, an evening picnic or a lazy  walk after work. Since yesterday was my last night in Perth (I'm flying back to NYC via a couple of days in Melbourne) Kings Park was the perfect place for one last dinner with my family.

On a different note, as I was finishing up writing this post Mum brought me a freshly squeezed orange, apple and carrot juice with a sugar coated lemon as garnish... why am I leaving again!?

Happy weekend, I hope you have a lovely one wherever in the world you are!

From Perth, with love xox


Antee Gurung said...

wow lovely place...where is this??? i would love to visit someday
Btw NEW POST in my blog...Drop by!!

Melody said...

Cute post! I love the pics you put up :)


Anna said...

Ahhhh how I adore Kings Park - its our own little slice of heaven in a busy (read: small) city! Your photos do it beautiful justice and what a perfect place to go on your final night in Perth. Morgs and I had one of our first dates there (picnic) and I have had many a big family gathering on that pretty green lawn. It would be the biggest happy memory and secret keeper for so many :) Hope you have a great time in Melbourne (or Melbs as we like to say) and have a safe trip back to NYC xx

p.s of COURSE it was in Freo! So gorgeous.

Coral and Coast said...

Great shots! Travel safe and have fun in Melbourne, can't wait to hear all about NYC! xo K

Annie said...

Aww :-) so sweet! Give Melbourne my love and have a safe flight back to NYC in a couple days. If you don't know it already you must try it for a sunny day lunch. On Sydney road there is an amazing little cafe called Green. The food is all homemade and amazing! It's near the royal parade end of Sydney road xx

rolala said...

Kings Park looks like a wonderful retreat. It's no wonder it's one of your favourite places in Perth. That freshly squeezed orange, apple and carrot juice with a sugar coated lemon as garnish sounds pretty good too :) Enjoy your last weekend in Australia my dear!

Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

I wouldn't want to leave either! It is so gorgeous :)

Sheri said...

Oh wow, sooo beautiful!! What gorgeous views! You have some wonderful memories, and photos, to take back to NY with you!
Have a wonderful weekend!!!!

Dancing Branflake said...

Goodness! I think I need to move to Australia. So glad you had a lovely time with your family.

Lizzie said...

Thanks for the super sweet comment and following me :)

That drink sounds delish.....luckkkky!


Eve.H said...

I will probably repeat myself... It looks awesome, Australia, maybe one day.... ;)

Vanisha @ Vanishas Life In...Australia said...

I have loved seeing Perth through your eyes. Melbourne is one of my favorite places in Australia. Something I have learned to love about Australia is the Fauna and Flora, so unique and beautiful in it's own right. End your time in Melbourne and have a safe flight home :)

pjlatte said...

Gorgeous photos! Now following your blog!

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The Blonde Duck said...

I think I'd stay for awhile. :)

Bonnie said...

This place looks absolutely phenomenal. Great location for pictures!

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Beauty Follower said...

Great photos!

Thanks for your comment.

Sam said...

This is so serene and scenic. I wouldn't want to leave all this natural beauty behind either.

Maria said...

Looks lovely! Have a safe trip! And I know I must've asked you this before but what camera do you use? Your photos are always stunning!

Maria xx

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