29 NOLA in B&W

New Orleans has a somewhat turbulent past; control of the city passed from the French, to the Spanish and back to the French before being sold to the United States for the grand sum of $15m in 1803.

Walking around the grand old homes of the Garden District, it's hard to imagine New Orleans being anything but tranquil. I can almost still see a horse and carriage turning into the stables adjacent to one of the breathtaking Southern estates; women in flowing dresses with nipped in waists and elaborately curled hair waiting anxiously in the parlour for their husbands to return home.

Everywhere we ate was amazing. Dinner on Saturday night was at Cafe Irene's - not only was the food sensational, but the waiters were exceptionally entertaining. Pimms Cups at Napoleon House beforehand were just the thing to combat the sticky heat.

I didn't want to shoot this day in anything but black and white, it seemed so fitting for some reason. It captures the feel of the gorgeous Garden District and restaurants in the French Quarter beautifully, although it's hard to do the graciousness of the area justice.

From New York, with love xox

20 Hats On

"...A hat is to be stylish in, to glow under
to flirt beneath, to make all others seem jealous over...
... A piece of magic is a hat"
- Martha Sliter

Stepping into Goorin Brothers in Nashville is like going back in time to the days when men wore three piece suits with fob chains and smoked cigars in their offices. Although the crystal decanters, old books with cracked spines and a clackety typewriter are relics from days long gone, the hats are anything but outdated. Think old world charm with modern world funk, an interesting hat band here, an upturned brim there and eyecatching patterns and lining everywhere.

Lovely husband C. and I could have spent the entire day in there, trying on hats and taking photographs of eachother, ably helped by the wonderful Jay. But after an hour of browsing, we narrowed down our choices. I walked out with a fabulously stylish red sun hat that's screaming for a pair of (new) oversized sunglasses to go with it, and a white hat that makes me feel like a movie-star trying to go incognito. Every second person in Memphis stopped me to admire it and it was perfect for the streets of New Orleans this weekend... but more on that later.

We've managed to wander across Goorin Brothers in every city we've visited lately, and I was almost successful in making another purchase this weekend, until lovely husband C. realized he would have to carry it back to NYC by himself*, along with my other Goorin Brothers hat! Oh well, next time...

From Chicago, with love xox 

21 Country escape

We had a perfect relaxing afternoon in Basking Ridge, New Jersey with some friends on Saturday. The sun was out, the breeze was warm and the company was wonderful. It was lovely to spend a few hours sitting outside, listening to the birds singing, the breeze sighing and the children laughing as they chased each other around the lawn.

After a tasty barbeque dinner, we strolled through the town hand-in-hand, admiring the weatherboard houses that line both sides of the main road, wondering at the 600 year-old tree that General Washington once sat under and imagining the lives of the people who lived here one hundred years ago.

I hope you had a fabulous weekend, wherever in the world you are!

From New York, with love xox

20 Memphis

Memphis is like a smaller, hotter, grungier version of Nashville. It's big on southern comfort food, blues and jazz. The people are friendly and quick to smile and their southern drawl brings to mind lazy afternoons sipping cool drinks in the shade. The sun glimmers like gold on the Mississippi River and everything moves slowly through the still and humid air.

The town comes alive at night when it cools down (particularly on a long weekend) with neon lights flashing bright and music pumping through the streets. After a long dinner at the Memphis Grille - which used to be a theater - we stumbled across an open air jazz session, fronted by Earl the Pearl... we never wanted it to end.

Our Memphis trip finished with what is surely the Memphis Pilgrimmage, a trip to Graceland, which is really worth a visit if you're ever down that way... even if you're not an Elvis fan!

From New York, with love xox