16 Relaxing

I have found the perfect place in the world to relax. 

Four days of sleeping, reading, talking and reconnecting. Tranquil, beautiful and peaceful.

It was hard to come back... We considered our lives as B&B owners, island hoppers and restaurant managers. 

My skin still feels sun kissed and my eyes are reflecting a turquoise blue sea I didn't think existed anywhere. 

I'm in love with the Caribbean and can't wait to see more. 

From New York, with love xox 

Ps. Nassau, Bahamas - Compass Point Resort

17 I'm not scared of the dark, but…

… I admit, it was a little scary walking around the West Village when all the lights were off. Scenes from "I am Legend" ran repeatedly through my mind, particularly as I stood at our front door, fumbling for my keys in the dark, all senses on alert for unseen danger. The streets were mostly empty, the black punctuated by flashlights bouncing along mid-air, seemingly unsupported. Police manned every corner, red flares by their feet warning cars to slow down through intersections. Each night, it felt like time stood still and sound was muffled by a cloak of pure and oppressive black.

To keep the dark at bay, we filled our apartment with lots of candles. We had fun talking for hours, planning our lives, travels and other adventures. One night, we baked banana bread to warm up our house and fill it with delicious smells. We sat in cafes lit by flickering candles and sipped cold coffees, warmed by a shared sense of adventure. On Friday evening, we walked to the Empire State Building, and marveled at the endless blanket of lights looking up town; while our little West Village looked dark, forlorn and forgotten.

When we woke up on Saturday morning, the lights were on. My hot shower felt like the height of luxury, my latte like a little piece of heaven and the cold finally left my bones a few hours later over a lingering brunch in Soho. We are so fortunate. While lower Manhattan is getting back on its feet again, there are still people across the North East who are homeless, cold and hungry. You can help the relief efforts here

From New York, with love xox

ps. you can see what the West Village looked like after Sandy here

11 When Sandy came to town

The worst of the storm passed us by on Monday evening. The winds raged, our building shook and the rain splattered against our windows in staccato bursts. In the silence between wind gusts, we could hear the sound of sirens racing up and down Seventh and Eight Avenues. We lost power at 8:30pm and by the time we woke up on Tuesday morning, we had lost phone reception too.

The next morning, we ventured cautiously outside in the rain, and walked around a silent and mostly still West Village. There were branches, and piles of leaves on the ground, a facade had fallen off a building and the basements we could see into were completely flooded. 

It's Thursday evening and we still have no power, heat, hot water or phone reception at home. We walked a long 60 blocks to get to our offices and world connectivity. Our walk home yesterday evening was eerie... everything is normal in mid-town, but once you pass below 25th, the streets are dark and silent. It's as if we're the only ones left in New York City, and the feeling is spooky.

We consider ourselves lucky and our thoughts are with the people who have been badly affected.

From New York, with love xox

ps. I'm sorry I haven't been able to visit your blogs... I promise I will as soon as I can connect to the world at home. Thanks for all your lovely emails and messages on Instagram. Your support has been amazing.