14 Napa Valley

Every time I remember our Napa Valley trip two weeks ago, I smile. The days were so sunny and warm we could relax by the pool. As the cool evening air descended, the hot tub would beckon, and we'd settle in with a glass of red wine and a contented sigh to watch the colors in the sky slowly deepen into dusk and then night. 

I spent plenty of time warming my feet by the fire in our cottage, we lingered for a long time over delicious meals, laughed till we cried as we exchanged video messages with my sister and her fiancé and slowly wound down from a crazy start to the year.

I've missed my creative outlet here, and hope life settles into a somewhat slower rhythm for the next few months so I can start taking more photos and reliving my getaways with you. 

From New York, with love xox

ps. Photos from early morning and evening around The Carneros Inn... days were spent relaxing, and being far too lazy to lift a camera!


lucent imagery said...

Ahhh I have missed you! This sounds like a wonderful getaway, I have Napa on my list for next time we're in that part of the world. Hope things settle into a smoother spring for you. xx

paisleysummer said...

Looks and sounds very relaxing. I think everyone is feeling the same, this year seems a bit out of control! x

Heather said...

I clicked on your bookmarked link, as I have every day for weeks now, & was excited to see that dreamy photo!! So happy to see you back :)


Maria said...

It looks just perfect! I still get the weather report for the San Francisco area (I know it's not quite Napa, but close enough) from when I used to get it for our honeymoon in August, and it seems to be such a nice time of the year right about now.

Glad to see you back on here!

Maria xx

Lucky13SD said...

Love the photos! and love seeing your blogs, have missed you blogging - "I'm looking you straight in the eyes"


PAPS said...

Looks so peaceful and nice.

Sunny & Star said...

Your getaways are always so dreamy.

Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

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Finance Girl said...

i visited cali for the first time last august and napa was my favorite part of the road trip. i was actually considering staying at the carneros inn too! if you ever get a chance to go out there again, you should check out the solage--it was amazing.

(ps, im a new reader. i love your blog! if you ever need restaurant recommendations, let me know. food in the city is kind of my thing :P )

Punctuation Mark said...

Hi! I'm n NY until Wednesday... Let me know if you're free for a glass of wine or something!! Take care!

Chocolate Cookies & Candies said...

These are truly breathtaking photos. Ahhh....we can commiserate together seeing that the weather in NY sucks as it is over here in Europe. How I wish I can be on that lounge chair by the pool.


Oooh I can so imagine how much you miss all that.
My sis moved to south island NZ after meeting a man. After working in London.....huge change but she loves it but needs to come every now and then for a fix!! xxxx

Vanisha @ Vanishas Life In...Australia said...

I love your photos. The photos are just so relaxing to look at. I'm in dire need of a holiday!

Lindsay K said...

Napa Valley is so beautiful. I would love to hear more about the The Carneros Inn. We've looked at it a number of times, but were put off by the showers.

Sierra {Ocean Dreams} said...

You take beautiful photos!! I would love to go back to Napa. The scenery is just breathtaking and I love everything there. It is so relaxing.

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