5 To catch you up...

... We've been busy. very. We're currently spending a lot of time outside New York. My work is taking me to Florida every week and lovely husband C. has been busy flying all over. Every second weekend we take ourselves off to somewhere other than NYC, to explore, relax and unwind. 

First up, the Bahamas. It's only a thirty minute flight from Florida and it seemed easier to fly there than back to NYC for a cold weekend, where it seems spring never really made an appearance this year. 

A couple of weeks later, we flew to charming Charleston. It stole my heart. We had more than one conversation about moving here, over wine and delectably delicious cheeses.

New York is undeniably home (for now). I love the first view of her glittering skyscrapers each time I come home from the airport.

And then to Tulum. Paradise. Sun, sand, crystal clear water, the smell of coconut in my hair and salt on the breeze. Fresh fish for dinner at night, fresh juices in the morning. Beach walks at sunset and afternoon sleeps in the hammock.

I feel incredibly lucky that we're able to travel so much right now. It won't always be like this and we're soaking it up while we can, pinching ourselves each time we get to a new destination and making magical memories to last us a lifetime. 

From New York, with love xox 

ps. I have many, many photos to share, but not enough time to share them in. Instagram is currently my favourite thing and I'd love to see you there - @hopeinhighheels.


Stephanie G said...

oh definitely travel as much as you can when you can ;-) just a little bit envious right now, those photos of tulum look magical!

steph / absolutely-fuzzy.com

Sam said...

Hi dear, its so great to see you posting again! I have missed you. Your travels sound so wonderful and adventurous! Hope you are doing well.

Sascha said...

Wow, I love those pictures! Your travels look amazing.

Eve.H said...

I couldn´t agree more travel while you can and have means for it. Bahamas must be breathtaking ;)
xx Eve.h

Veronica said...

Wow definitely enjoy the sun! Been to all those places and they are fantastic :)

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