13 Costa Rica

Where to start…? I loved the big skies, amazing sunsets, vibrantly colored birds, rolling green hills, clouds rising at night, humidity in the rainforest... 

... Sleeping in the hammock on the verandah lulled by the sound of rain on the tin roof, the adrenaline of speeding along a cable suspended above treetops, pulling up from a gallop exhilarated and laughing, carefree and living entirely in the moment. 

We fit a lot into our week in Costa Rica, and also spent a lot of time sleeping, reading and relaxing together, recharging for the year ahead. I think lovely husband C. may have an alternate career as a nature photographer… all the gorgeous photos of birds and butterflies are thanks to his patience and steady hands.

It was the perfect end to a busy year and an incredible part of the world to visit. Now that it's over, I'm quietly tapping my feet under my desk, itching to go exploring again while my mind is dreaming up a list of places for us to visit over the next few months.

From New York, with love xox

12 Learning to fly

2012 is the year I learned to let go. To trust myself a little more. To laugh louder. Love harder. Breathe deeper. Strive higher. Smile more. Go with my instinct. To take risks. Know someone would catch me if I stumbled. To live in the moment. Find joy in sadness. Calm in chaos. Grace under pressure. Have faith that things would work out. Accept what I couldn't control. Let people in. To believe in me. 

I don't know what 2013 will bring… but I welcome it with open arms, head held high, a smile on my face, a spring in my step, a heart full of love and the courage to achieve whatever I set out to do, knowing I have the support of lovely husband C., my incredible family and wonderful friends. 

Bring it.  

From New York, with love xox